.This is a fan wiki of the flash game Kisekae 2 by pochikou. It is also a wiki for users who can make original and unoriginal characters with this Doll Maker. This wiki also aims to document characters, stories, worlds, etc.

Kisekae 2

Kisekae 2 (きせかえ 2 K_kisekae 2) is a dress up flash game based on the anime series K-On! The dress up game was developed by a Japanese user known as Pochikou. The doll maker game makes users create original characters and unoriginal characters from anime, video games, celebrities, etc. Kisekae 2 has received random update patches from Pochikou for minor glitch fixes and bugs fixes. Updates sometimes add new clothing options, hair options, weapons, animal parts, etc. It is unknown when updates occur because Pochikou does not often announce when they happen.

!Y NOTICE! Users/Authors should update their characters from time to time when Pochikou updates the game or otherwise characters may end up getting corrupted export code and lost forever.
!P NOTICE! Some content is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.


Preset Characters

Preset characters are Miku (Vocaloid), Squid Girl (Squid Girl), Ren (Vocaloid), Len (Vocaloid), Shimakaze (Kantai Collection), and the rest of the K-On! and Love Live! cast. Users can use these characters for scenes. Some users happen to use the preset characters to make hentai scenes or other grotesque content. The rest is pretty much explained from there. Certain users recolor preset characters like Miku and brand them as an original character which is highly shameful and not original at all.


Many websites such as DeviantArt and 4chan have had users distribute their original and modded characters to the community. Some users use image editing programs like Gimp to make a more detailed scene, character, and sometimes clothing. Other users created original content like props for a little more originality instead of relying on Kisekae 2's default props. Users have even gone far as to make a Transformation Arena dedicated to original characters battling for whatever cause they can see fit. There has also been reports of some users having their original characters stolen or copied.

Contributing to this Wiki

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