Questions Regarding the Kisekae 2 Wiki.

Q: How can one become an Admin?

A: You'll have to "work hard" to get Admin powers awarded to you.

Q: No roleplaying! How could you!?

A: I don't have anything against it, That's what Skype is for.

Q: You said hentai is allowed! Why!?!

A: Because Kisekae 2's original purposes was for hentai and besides some authors create their own hentai comics out of kisekae 2.

Q: Why are some the Kisekae 2 Wiki pages password protected?

A: Because some of us work hard on the pages and we don't want just anybody editing them for no reason.

Q: So... we can add our own pages for our own characters/OCs?

A: Yes you can just make sure the categories match but no worries if you mess up the admins will fix it for you.

This will be routinly updated....